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Me and my project 
16th-Mar-2006 06:42 pm
My name is Marisa. I'm a doctoral candidate in English, but I live in NYC and I'm a full time tenure track lecturer at a community college.

My prospectus has been accepted, and earlier this year I had 3 chapters drafted when my director decided to tell me that she hated two of them and wanted me to restructure and reorganize my dissertation. I feel largely thwarted by her and pretty bitter because she doesn't respond to emails or phone calls. In any case, I need to get this thing done because I'm tired of it hanging over my head.

I work on the 14th century English mystics and specifically I'm writing my dissertation on rhetorics of pain and desire.

Thanks for starting this community!
17th-Mar-2006 12:09 am (UTC)
HI Marissa,

your story is not too dissimilar from mine. i started last year with a prospectus + two chapters and i start this year with nothing, lol.

it's all good. i have a better, more focused topic. unfortunately, for whatever dumbass reason, it has worked out that i now need to write another prospectus, so that i can defend it. whatever. i'm not bitter!

i need to have that done by next week. ugh!

it's been hit or miss with my advisors, in terms of getting time with them.

anyway, welcome to the community!! at least your topic is something i know a bit about :)
17th-Mar-2006 12:29 am (UTC)
Hi Alix,

Thanks for starting this up. My biggest problem really has been communication with the diss director- unfortunatly she's the only one capable of directing at my school....so I'm really gonna also try to slam this out so I can defend the diss at the end of Fall semester. I recently just wrote chapter outlines for Chapters 2-5, so I"m waiting to hear a response from her so I know if I'm allowed to write those chapters or if she wants me to tweak them more.

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