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Dissertate or Bust!
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17th-Mar-2006 02:02 am
Hullo, everyone.

I'm an English literature student working to polish off my prospectus by April 4 and take my exams on the 18th, at which point--God and my committee willing--I'll be ABD. I've been at this grad-school thing for a while and am eager to finish as soon as reasonably possible while still producing a dissertation I can respect. I've heard that the first chapter can sometimes take ages to get underway, and I'm hoping to avoid getting too bogged down. Maybe I can find some help with that here?

At any rate, I want to keep relatively anonymous, because I have a blog elsewhere on which I rant about things various and sundry. So I won't reveal my specific topic here, but I can say that I'm working in the late medieval and earliest modern periods and that my work will touch on discussions of law, masculinity, performativity, and oral and popular culture.

I won't, by any means, rule out the possibility that I'll reveal more details to individual, interested parties; I just want to avoid making the details too available on the Internets.

I'm excited about the community: seems like a great idea. It's good to meet you all!
17th-Mar-2006 01:24 pm (UTC)
welcome to the list!! may as well get started while you have the momentum!
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