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Dissertate or Bust!
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of much less value is my company than your good words 
17th-Mar-2006 02:58 am
band of brothers by poisoninjest
Hi, everyone. This is a great idea for a community -- thanks to thaliestra for starting it!

My name is Lea, and I'm a doctoral candidate in English (like most people who've posted here, as yet). I'm hoping to finish my dissertation next summer (2007) and go on the job market the following autumn (on the advice of my committee), so I am currently working both to make progress quickly and to shore up funding for next year.

I think thus far I'm the only non-medievalist here. I'm an early modernist through and through -- mostly a Shakespearean, actually; my major areas of interest are drama and historiography. My diss is specifically about sixteenth-century portrayals of Richard II and more generally about the political implications of fictionalizing history, and the state's response. Grah. It all sounds so hopelessly stale when I describe it in short. I am, however, confident that it will kick ass.

This is probably because I'm still in the slightly euphoric post-scrutiny phase: I just had my proposal officially accepted a week ago, and the prospectus review meeting went really, really well. Of course, now the hard part will be to make myself get moving. Fortunately (I guess) I'm giving a paper in a couple of weeks that's on stuff going into the diss, which means I will have done something (though it may or may not get me through any of the piles of background reading I need to do soon)...
17th-Mar-2006 01:27 pm (UTC)
welcome to the list & thanks for joining us!!

it seems we have similar timelines and reasons for wanting to make progress quickly :)

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